Update: No time for Creativity with Apartheid Israel – Rebel Diasz and The Narcicyst boycott Creative Time Summit 2012

We are pleased to recognize and support the decisions taken by both the US-based hip-hop duo Rebel Diasz and Canada-based hip hop MC The Narcicyst to cancel their participation with Creative Time owing to the summit’s ‘in-depth partnership’ with the Israeli Center for Digital Art.

Rebel Diasz were scheduled to perform today, stuff October 12th at the Creative Time Summit 2012 in New York but announced their decision to withdraw yesterday - after being contacted by Palestinian comrades – in a video released on YouTube. They also pointed to similar strategies of political parties in the US using cultural events “to make it seem like they’re for the people when in reality they are serving the interests of the neoliberals and imperialists.”

Iraqi-Canadian hip hop artist The Narcicyst (Yassin Alsalman) has also cancelled his participation in the Creative Time Summit in Dubai. He explained on his Twitter account: “I was asked to moderate a panel on ‘occupation.’ I was unaware of the ‘partners’ till this morning. The irony was too much. My decision is based only on my support of Palestine and its people, our people, my people. As an Iraqi, I wish people took the same stand for all injustices.”

After having stated our position and decided to boycott the Creative  Time Summit ourselves, Mosireen welcomes and salutes the decisions taken by Rebel Diasz and The Narcicyst to respect the Palestinian call for boycott in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation, colonialism and apartheid.

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