Global Solidarity with Egypt

Projects that Mosireen has been involved in or supported so far:

Tahrir Cinema
No To Military Trials
Shorta li Shaab Masri: a police reform initiative
Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution
What does Tahrir Want: a questionnaire project by Ganzeer & Ghada Shahbandar
Intifadat Intifadat
17 Directors / 17 Shorts
Make up your Mind!

Films and Videos made with Mosireen’s support:

In the Shadow of a Man  |  Maspero Protestors  |  17 shorts  |  The Battle of Qasr el Nil Bridge  |  Abbaseya footage with Jonathan Rashad and Leil Zahra  |  2nd Sit in Film  |
The Square: a Jehane Noujaim film  |  Rosa Luxembourg





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A call-out has been released for people around the world to stand in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution on November 12th. Read more here.

VIDEOS: Here are several links to videos with English subtitles introducing and addressing the issue of unjust military trials of civilians in Egypt from January 28th till today. Please screen, pills share, Glaucoma
tweet, online post and link to freely:

An introduction to the issue of the unjust system of military trials of civilians in Egypt

A quick overview by lawyer Adel Ramadan of differences between military trials and regular civilian trials, and the problems of military trials for civilians.

Five Coptic Christians randomly arrested from the metro station on their way to a protest and sent before a military tribunal.

Testimony from the family of a young man randomly arrested on his way home on January 28th and tried before a military tribunal for “thuggery”.

Mohammed Abd El Hady is a minor (16 years-old) arrested from a demonstration in Tahrir Square on March 9th. He is currently serving a sentence in an adult military prison.

Testimonies about torture in the Egyptian Museum at the hands of military police after the clearing of a demonstration in Tahrir Square on March 9th (Courtesy of Al-Masry Al-Youm).

Update: Our new English-language video titled “The Maspero Massacre: What Really Happened” – Around 30 people have already been sentenced through military courts and 30 more, including Alaa Abd El Fattah, are being questioned by the military prosecutor in relation to the events.

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