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التعذيب الجنسي منهجي من مبارك للمجلس العسكري و للإخوان | Sexual torture under Mubarak, SCAF & the MB

  Press Release “The people will get me my rights”   – Samira Ibrahim, Activist and survivor of forced “virginity testing”  in March 2011. The faces have changed, but the system is the same. Oppressive. Authoritarian. Dictatorial. Basing its survival on … Continue reading

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الإخوان يحولون مسجد إلى زنزانة تعذيب

The Muslim Brotherood used Bilal Mosque in Moqattam as a torture cell on the night of Friday March 22nd. With subtitles in English, generic French, German, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish.

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فضائح العسكر و الداخلية فى قسم شرطة الكردى

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